MKM Ukraine

MK Merchants Ukraine  is a qualified team of professionals, who works reliably and efficiently, developing several business areas most important for the country.

WE are not just a trading company. WE are a company whose goal is to promote the development of the Ukrainian agricultural producer. Our business processes are built in such a way that we enable farmers and producers to confidently sow, grow and sell their products on time and at a favorable price.

WE carry out a wide range of trade operations on the domestic market, purchasing and supplying a large list of goods and resources.

WE are members of various associations and unions, which enables us to develop our activities and advance to the international market.


Process efficiency and flexibility
Variety of mutually beneficial conditions
Customer-oriented partner
Sustainable team development
Grain Purchase and Export Services

Our AGRO activity is conditionally divided into internal and external segments, which certainly actively interact and give excellent results.

Grain Purchase

In the domestic market, we purchase various types of grain, leguminous and oil crops on an ongoing basis, working with producers and farmers, both small and medium-sized, throughout the country - we understand the specifics of their work and preferences. This allows us to have in our arsenal goods of various types, qualities and specificities.

We offer our permanent reliable suppliers effective, flexible and modern interaction tools - forward contracts and agricultural receipts, which helps our partners to control their activities and develop business.

Grain Export

Ukraine is one of the main exporters of grains and pulses in the world. Establishing and launching logistics chains, finding regular buyers and consistently exporting goods to European and East Asian countries every year - this is the main task of our team.

We understand the importance of each component of the whole process in the formation of the price, so we are constantly looking for new logistics solutions and partners to achieve a balance in the relationship with our end customers around the world.


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Elevator Complexes

Elevator complexes are one of the most important assets of MK Merchants Ukraine. Currently, we successfully operate and develop 3 our own elevators, while at the same time several elevator complexes are being actively operated under the total guidance of our top management. Our elevator network covers the central active areas, but we aim to develop and expand its geography.

Storage. Reliable and efficient grain storage is our main goal. We guarantee the preservation of your harvest and maintaining its high quality throughout the entire storage period.

Security. Safety is our priority. Our elevators are equipped with modern control and security systems, which ensures protection of your grain from theft and damage.

Purchasing. Having a wide sales market, we are ready to purchase your harvest at a favorable price and prompt settlement, without wasting your time on unnecessary negotiations and logistical problems.

Professionalism. Our experienced staff is always ready to help you with any questions and provide advice on farming.

MK Merchants Ukraine elevators - we take care of your harvest while you take care of future crops!

Your calmness is in our safe hands!

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Natural Gas for Industrial Enterprises

For any enterprise, one of the main and most expensive resources is natural gas.

Having a professional and qualified team, we provide services for the supply of high-quality energy resources at the optimal price and time. Every day, both wholesale trading companies and end consumers become our clients.

Why WE:

  • Flexible pricing - as a guarantee of gas resource provision, we concluded contracts with both Ukrainian mining and transnational companies
  • Experienced staff, deeply understands the specifics of the market;
  • The possibility of remote monitoring of the client's consumption gives us the opportunity to avoid issuing fines for "imbalances" (daily overruns / volume shortages)
  • Turnkey client management - 24/7 Your personal manager is ready to discuss any issue with you, including financial (deferral, financial shoulder)

Our Potential Partners and Clients are:

  • Farms
  • Elevators
  • Grain terminals
  • Industrial enterprises
  • Small and medium business
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Petroleum products for agricultural producers:

One of the active segments of MK Merchants Ukraine activity is the sale of high-quality imported oil products to enterprises throughout Ukraine.

We work with the main players of the fuel market in Europe: Turkey and Lithuania. Our priority is long-term cooperation with the client. That is why, when choosing a supplier, we focus on his reputation and reliability, as well as on the quality of products and the affordability of the price for a potential consumer.

Not only small farms cooperate with us, but also large agricultural holdings with 50,000+ hectares of land bank, because we understand the specifics of conducting such business and the required volumes. We offer our customers not only a quality product, but also additional benefits such as:

  • Installation of a modular point (mini gas station) directly on the territory of the farm
  • Delivery of diesel fuel with deferred payment
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