MKM Spain

MK Merchants SA became a trade member of the International Grain and Feed Trade Association GAFTA. The corresponding certificate was issued to the company on August 5 this year.

The importance of membership in this Association is that all its members conduct their activities in accordance with the uniform rules and principles of professional practice and ethics of international trade in grain and feed.

80 % of the world's grain and feed trade is done using GAFTA standard contract forms. This makes it possible to reduce risks and claims during international transactions.

We offer:

high-quality products
flexible logistics
favorable prices
long-term reliable partnership
Grain Trading

Spain's dynamic export-oriented livestock sector, combined with the high variability of grain yields, creates a strong demand for feed ingredients. Therefore, our company focuses all its efforts in this region on meeting the needs for quality products, including the supply of feed grains.

A separate area of activity is the sale of food grains, where we offer high-quality products, favorable terms of cooperation and convenient sea or land logistics solutions.