MKM Ukraine at "Grain. Pigs. Meat - 2023" business forum in Kyiv


MKM Ukraine continues to develop its main business areas in the domestic market of Ukraine.

As a part of our big MKM Group family, on September 15, MKM Ukraine team, in particular, representatives of natural gas sales department participated in the "Grain. Pigs. Meat - 2023" business forum. The event aims to unite the grain business, pig farming and meat industry to overcome the consequences of the war.

Natural gas is one of the main and most expensive resources for any enterprise. For us, this event was extremely interesting in terms of communicating with our potential clients:  Farms, Elevators, Grain terminals, Industrial enterprises, Small and medium businesses, etc. Discussed the prospects of supplying natural gas for heating livestock buildings and production needs.

As a professional and qualified team, we always offer our clients flexible prices and client management 24/7. In an informal setting, we exchanged contacts for further cooperation.

Undoubtedly, for MKM Ukraine, this forum was an expansion of business contacts and client base.