MKM TEAM IN THE Riga Shipping Dinner 2023


In general, visiting different shipping dinners all over the world is part of our strategy and the way to widen the list of shipowners to cooperate with. Riga Shipping Dinner differs from others in the way of organising, in the way of selection of the participants of the event and way of choosing event program. For sure, it is worth to be here, in Riga these days.

Our #MKMTeam representatives Alla Agbash and Alex Miroshnychenko had a really wonderful Riga Shipping Dinner 2023 event contacting with the vibrant ship sector community - professionals from various fields of the maritime industry.

We still do believe in the power of networking and forging new connections while participating in business events.
And for sure this baltic maritime event was a truly enriching experience for our team.