MKM East

MK Merchants EAST, as a strong part of MKM Group, was established for the wholesale trade of high-quality grains, pulses and oilseeds for MENA business market. Agricultural trade is one of the main sectors of the Turkish economy, and Turkey's location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and membership in various international trade organizations make it a strategic location for agriculture trade.

 Our team effectively implements international trade practices, which has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier and allows us to offer the most favorable terms of cooperation.

We offer:

high-quality products
convenient logistics, both sea and overland
organization of the process of trans trade
flexible prices and an individual approach to each deal
MK Merchants East excels in:

1. Public tenders

By participating in import tenders held by the Turkish Grain Board every year in the last quarter and first quarter, we import grain products from abroad, primarily from our own business partners, and sell them to the government as CIF.

 2. Domestic sales

  • CIF Sales

By bringing together our customers who demand imported products and our suppliers, we act as an intermediary on grain products and sell the products they demand to our customers in the form of CIF.

  • Warehouse Delivery Sales

We deliver grain products that we import from warehouses in Turkey by vessels to our customers who want to nationalize their own products or send them to overseas customers.

  • Nationalized Products Sales

By importing, we deliver our nationalized products in Turkey to our customers in bulk/container form by ship or in sacks/bulk form via trucks or in designated warehouses.

3. Overseas Sales

  • Trans trade

We bring our overseas suppliers together with our overseas customers. At this stage, we can sell our grain products in containers or in bulk, depending on the customer's preference.

  • Warehouse Delivery Sales

We transfer our products in warehouses to our overseas customers via ships. In the meantime, if requested, the transition from bulk to container or bagging services is offered.