MKM Asia

MK Merchants Shenzhen, as part of MKM Group, operates in,  Asia Market Hub in various directions and with a wide range of services, not only for exports but also for imports. China's export capacity is a significant part of the world market, but imports of agricultural products are also an important area of the country's economic activity, as the food needs of the population are constantly growing.

Our company has a successful track record of building convenient supply chains around the world and reliable partners in the supply of agricultural and food products, and we are working fruitfully in the Chinese market and directing all our efforts in this region to meet the demand for quality products.

MK Merchants imports the following products to the Chinese market:

- All types of grains, pulses and oilseeds

- Frozen products

- Ready meals in retort packs

Exports from China are a separate area of activity. Thanks to a reliable partnership, the professionalism of the MK Merchants Shenzhen team and a wide network of global presence, our company cooperates with companies around the world and provides supply services for the most popular goods of various specifics.

We export from China:

- Electronic devices

- Home and Office appliances.